ACT IMMEDIATELY: TAKES only 2 MINUTES - Last chance to save the victims of the war

Dear friends,

Sri Lankan government is bringing a resolution to cover up all the Human Rights abuses. (See news: Sri Lanka seeks to deflect U.N. rights scrutiny:,4480

Please send the below letters to all the member countries of UN Human Rights Commission. Email addresses are also given below

Please send the letter to all the emails ASAP. Also please forward to all the contacts such that there should be a flood of emails to them.

We need to save the remaining Tamils.

Cut-Copy the entire Content below. Email addresses are given at the bottom (Please put the emailds in the bcc)

Subject of the Mail : Sri Lanka's war crimes & Crimes against humanity


To Your Excellency,

We are asking you to NOT let the Sri Lankan government bury their human rights abuses and war crimes in the conflict against the Tamil people. Just as they are digging mass graves and bulldozing the evidence of war crimes in the North of Sri lanka, they are trying to fool the international community that they have done nothing wrong and should be entitled to international aid for the Tamil civilians. This is horrifying. Please, stop this nightmare. The GOSL must stand up to charges of war crimes. They must NOT be entrusted with aid to the Tamil civilians. We are begging you to make sure the aid gets to the agencies delivering the aid directly and not through the corrupt and deceitful murderous regime of Rajapaksa as head of the GOSL.
The long ethnic civil war may be over, has ended, but the crisis for Tamil civilians continues.

  • 300,000 Tamil civilians traumatized and confined to GOSL internment camps. UN MUST MONITOR IMMEDIATELY
  • 25,000 Tamil civilian casualties in last week of war.
  • No access to conflict area by humanitarian workers & journalists.
  • Disappearances during the screening process, inhumane treatment of civilians, separation of families. POW’S MUST HAVE UN ACCESS
  • IN DETENTION: three government employe doctors, held by the Terrorist Investigation Division in Colombo as a result of their eyewitness reports to the media and the international community from hospitals and makeshift medical centers inside the conflict zone To.Gosl: RELEASE THEM IMMEDIATELY
  • Internment camps guarded by military and paramilitaries with disappearances, rapes, starvation deaths and no freedom of movement, UN MUST TAKE OVER.CAMPS
  • Tamil children as young as 12 are abducted from camps by pro govt paramilitaries, reported by Coalition to Stop Child Soldiers. ( incl. Amnesty Int, HRW)
  • 14 international aid agencies, including Oxfam and Save the Children, warned yesterday that thousands of lives were at risk because aid workers and their vehicles were not being given enough access to the camps. GOSL refusing access to ICRC and UN to camps
Crimes against humanity and war crimes:
  • Deaths of more than 8,000 Tamil civilians by Sri Lankan armed forces (SLA).
  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights & the EU have called for a commission of inquiry into war crimes committed by SLA
  • Incessant shelling & bombing of civilians, including hospitals, for months by SLA.
  • Used cluster & white phosphorus bombs, mustard gas in areas of high civilian concentration.
  • Denial of food & medicine as weapons of war by SLA.
  • Killing of thousands of surrendered combatants and civil administrators by SLA.
  • Disappearances & torture of civilians .by SLA
DEFEAT THE Sri Lankan draft resolution stating the "principle of non-interference" in internal matters. Demand transparency! Do not give aid or comfort to this murderous regime!

“If world opinion is to consider state frontiers sacrosanct then there will be no chance for world progress as a whole; tyranny would have received a world charter." Shri Rajagopalachari, the First Governor General of India.


Emails of Member countries of UNHRC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Please gave an appropriate subject line. As I didn't find any subject line, I use "We need to save the remaining tamils". If everyone use the same subject line, It is easy to grab their attention.


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